The structure of the AQUASCENDO system is made of marine grade stainless steel (316L) and of  Delrin, a specialized high-grade material chosen specifically for its high performance in wet environments.
We are committed to safety, quality and durability to maintain our brand's stellar reputation.
We have eliminated structural materials that leach toxins such as PVC, because this material has been proven to be quite harmful. The toxicity of PVC is further enhanced with exposure to pool chemicals, salt and oxygenators.
Our movable platform is designed with a convenient access hatch to vacuum the pool floor and to perform yearly maintenance checks on the motor and cables.
Our patented retractable steps can lower progressively with the depth of your pool, or all together to favor a gentle lowering of walkers or wheelchairs.
We manufacture our fully waterproof platform motor. It safely runs on 24V current as does your pool equipment.